Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Service

Our Company will help you to grow your business online at a rapid pace. We are here to provide you the best service in ecommerce social media marketing. We increase your business’ social presence among your customers.

  • Social Media Audit
  • Day-to-day intrective post
  • Creative ad Campaign
  • Instant replies to Customers
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Moderation
  • Social Product Listing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Audit

Our Social media marketing services team will first analyze your social accounts and then implement growth orient strategies.

Content analysis

Content is the key to social media growth. Content quality is the reason for your growth or your downfall. An interactive content has the power to drive the traffic to your channel. Our services of Ecommerce social media marketing will provide your platform with quality content that has the power to drive the audience

Audience Analysis

Another important aspect of growth on social media is the audience. Without a target audience your content will not get appreciated whether it has much quality. Our services will help you to reach to the target audience.

Posting Time

Creation of an interactive post is not enough but the right time to post it on social platforms is also must. Right time to post on social media is in peak hours. In peak hour your post has a high chance of reach and engagements. Our agency will take care of these measures and work accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Advertising Services of Social Media for online Business.

Drive instant traffic on your social media platforms, and impact your brand's outreach. Our social media marketing experts first observe the entire business and traffic coming to your business and according to them, start advertising the entire products with campaign

Campaign Overview

The campaign overview points out the elements of the social ad campaign.

Campaign Outline

The campaign outline provides elementary details of the ad campaign.


What are you trying to achieve through the campaign? Here are few ideas like Brand awareness, Increase social media awareness, Increase in your sales product, drive website traffic, push store visits.

Target Audience

Be as specific as you can when it comes to choosing the right audience. Look into the analytic section of your social media accounts/pages to understand your audience and the type of content they are more responsive to.

Social Media Marketing Services

How Pinnacle’s Social Media Marketing Services Works ?

We will work from the ground level to the upper level. At first we completely analyze the platform and then start optimizing it.

Online Reputation Management

It is the way by which we will manage your brand value. It is very important as it boosts sales, generates good business insights, builds trust and credibility , and improves visibility. Our social media marketing services will provide you with amazing facilities so you can retain your position in the market.

Influence Marketing

Another way to increase the reach and build an authentic audience is influence marketing. Our social media marketing experts will perform this activity by connecting micro influencers and increase your brand presence in the market.

Cross Promotion

To Drive traffic from one social account to another cross promotion is used.It is one of the most effective and widely used promotion.Our company will work on similar strategies which has high reach as well as cost effectiveness.

Advanced Feature

Performance Measure

The successive steps of social media marketing services include the measurement of analytics and campaign-focused metric to track the overall performance. Tracking engagement, reach, follower growth, customer satisfaction, and customer journey.


Engagement Rate

This is where you begin: likes, comments, tweets, shares, retweets, and all the other ways the users can interact with your content. In the end, social media without engagement is just media. Our social media marketing experts works on improving day to day engagement.


Reach Analysis

Reach is a metric calculated in a similar way by all social media platforms. Just like Facebook defines it as the number of unique users who had any content from your Facebook page or about your page within their newsfeed. In simple words, the metric shows how big your audience is.


Measure Follower Growth

Having a broad audience is not significant if it is not your targeted audience. Make sure that the ones you reach with your content are your potential customers or at least dedicated audience. Track follower growth once it increases, your engagement levels and overall traffic should also grow.


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If you continue with Pinnacle Social media marketing service for your business then you will definitely be able to generate more and more sales and traffic. Moroever, you will get a particular brand recognition over multiple social media handles. Aprt from them, you can be able to see the visual results in the first month.

Yes, you will definitely be able to generate better sales but for improving better and widely, you need to focus on understanding the entire concept in detail.


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