How To Sell On Myntra ?- A 2022 Guide

Alka Rana ~ Modified: December 29th, 2022 ~ Myntra ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Myntra is the biggest emerging eCommerce platform & fashion HubSpot. It sells almost 8000 products per day all over the country. Myntra is a huge platform for online selling, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It has a wide range of brands & products. Everybody is ready to sell on Myntra.

Why Sell On Myntra?

Myntra is among the most popular online stores in India, with a user-friendly interface and massive traffic growth year after year. It enables the seller to maintain their store with cataloging assistance and well-established shopper supply chain management. As a result, sellers can concentrate their brand on Myntra’s online shopping. It is easy to sell on Myntra as Myntra’s dedicated account managers will keep sellers’ brands up to date on industry trends and new content. Furthermore, multiple-channel promotional strategies, engagement on social media, and in-depth analytics will assist the seller in determining what the customers truly want.

Documents required to Sell On Myntra

Following are the documents required to sell on Myntra:

a) Mobile & Email: You must have a valid & active mobile number & email id to sell on Myntra. Myntra will communicate with you.

b) GST Number: Your company must have a GSTIN number & GST registration certificate provided by the government of India. It is important to sell on Myntra.

c) PAN Number : Your business must have a Pan Card issued by the Income Tax Department of India.

d) Bank Details : Your company must have an active current account. You have to provide a Cancel check to verify your account. The bank details should be correct & belong to you as it is you for transactions of your product payments.

e) Trademark : If you are Brand owner or Manufacturer then you must have to provide a trademark certificate. But in case you are a distributor or reseller then you have to provide an NOC on owners letterhead, which states that you have the right for this product to sell on Myntra.

f) Authorized signatory : You have to provide an official signature to sell your products online. This signature is used on the invoice, when a product is sold on Myntra.

Are you Eligible for  selling on Myntra?

Myntra only welcomes a business entity not an individual seller. Therefore to sell on Myntra you must have a legally registered business.

You can register your business as legal under four metrics:

1. Private Limited Company.
2. Limited Liability Company.
3. Partnership business.
4. Sole Proprietorship Firm

The Applicant must have to register their business under one of the metrics to sell on Myntra.

Steps to apply to sell on Myntra?

Step – 1: Visit the official website to register as sellers on Myntra.

Step – 2 : Click On Register Now

 sell on Myntra

Step – 3 :  Enter Mobile Number

Welcome on Myntra

Next step to sell on Myntra is to enter a mobile number and email verified it with OTP Myntra sent on respective platforms & Continue further.

Step – 4 : Set Password

 sell on Myntra
Once you have verified the mobile number and email, enter name and set password for your account. Note down the password as it will further you to login to account. Click Continue.

Step – 5 : Log in With credentials


After setting up the password , login with your email and password and fill the required details.

Step – 6:  Enter Shop Details

Shop Details

Further step to sell on Myntra is fill the details like GSTIN, Basic Business information , Warehouse details & Bank details one by one. When you enter the details and it is verified then the green mark will appear against it. Enter all the details properly and upload the documents and click on submit. One you complete it a declaration tab will open up which states that the submission of the account is completed.

Submission Note

Once submission is complete, now Myntra turns to verify it and get back to you. Myntra will inform you through mail that the account is verified and you can now sell on Myntra.

Benefits of selling on Myntra

Myntra has always been a good choice for sellers to sell on Myntra because it has flexible policies & offers which is advantageous for sellers. Some of the benefits are described below:

1.  Individualism : You will have full control over your product if you sign up to sell on Myntra. You will be capable of managing your product catalog, sales, online store, quantity, and item quality.

2. Minimum Returns : Sell on Myntra is beneficial as it guarantees that you will receive a minimal amount of returns if your sales aren’t good enough.

3. Primeval Inventory: Myntra is the only platform that allows you to sell any stock that is not sold on Myntra as long as it complies with Myntra’s rules and regulations.

Drawbacks of sell on Myntra

Every new technology comes with some good or bad. Likewise Myntra also has some drawbacks. Below the loophole are describe:

1.  The major drawback for the seller to sell on Myntra is that it doesn’t welcome individual sellers. If you are an entrepreneur then you can’t sell your products until you have a registered business.

2. Myntra is solely based on the fashion industry. It also has electronic products but fashion & beauty products is its forte. They have a huge customer base for that industry only. If you are here for electronic purposes then it will not suit you best.


Where many merchants believe that Myntra is an emerging and popular platform for one to grow their business, it totally depends upon the type of product you are delivering, your goals & ecommerce fulfillment services. Myntra meets the requirements of thousands of people across the globe. Its user-friendly interface allowed sellers to understand the tactics and sell your product comfortably. It is a great platform for the apparel industry. It is now exploring its wings to other industries as well. To sell on Myntra , the important point which has to remember is included . Start selling now.
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